Collocation Rules On Makeup And Sunglasses

Cheap Ray Ban sunglasses outlet can not only bring sunscreen, or a very cool beauty with a single product, go to the beach vacation or street shooting are very eye-catching.

Transparent frame sunglasses

Transparent frame of replica Ray Bans UK make your face look brighter, and your lips shine in a tomato like color that will make the effect better. With tomato color lipstick, then coated with a layer of the same color, lip gloss, lip color can make long lasting, and cover the lip wrinkles.

cheap Ray Bans outlet
cheap Ray Bans outlet

To highlight the transparent frame to bring light mood, may according to the modified original eyebrow eyebrows. With a brush dipped in eyebrow, naturally draw a smooth curve.

With peach blush, begin with the touch point of the frame and face, and apply it to the cheekbone.

Lips selected fluorescent powder, colleagues gave up the blush makeup modification, so the change is so great. The aura of the goddess of the red instantly reduces a lot.

Mirror sunglasses

The mirror like reflection sunglasses, or colorful Ray Ban sunglasses cheap, suggest lips do not draw too prominent. Can choose the glowing apricot bare shade and finishing lip contour. Use the Lip Lipstick Lip Liner Pencil Sketch than lighter, then apply lipstick, can make the effect more clean.

cheap Ray Bans outlet
cheap Ray Bans outlet

The cheeks are covered with pearly white blush with pearl powder, painted from the temples to the cheekbones, highlighting the facial curves.

On the right, we gave the girl the choice of looking very cute pink, with the same color of the blush, the effect is good, you little partner himself to see.

White frame sunglasses

Lip: white frame outlet Ray Ban sunglasses make the skin look brighter. To emphasize the succinct beauty, Burgundy colored lipstick smear, and then coated with a layer of lip gloss. Lipstick is the same color as the lens. It attracts the eyes and makes the face look smaller.

To maintain the original eyebrow, eyebrows with eyebrow pencil and fill, eyebrow contour finishing.

Cheeks with a large brush stained with copper deep blush, painted from the cheekbone to the lips, highlighting the facial lines.

On the right side, we chose the “sweet and sour watermelon red”, and did not use the copper colored blush for the models. The stereo sensation turned into flat surface instantly.

cheap Ray Bans outlet
cheap Ray Bans outlet

Oversized sunglasses

Lips: Oversized replica Ray Bans sunglasses can highlight the feminine feeling, with a brush dipped in milk like pink lipstick, lip from the middle carefully onto the lip. This is, lipstick painted smaller than the original lip, lips can make small, and there is a lovely feeling.

Eye: brush with a dark brown eyebrow shadow, smear a thick layer, and then eyebrow paste eyebrow texture.

With a cheek blush from the cheekbone to the painted circle near the nose.

We chose to reduce the age of orange, with eyebrows in creating thick eyebrows naturally, reduce the shadow effect.

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