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There are many materials for the frames, such as sheet, pure titanium, TR90 and so on. So, what are the features of metal memory frames cheap Ray Ban sunglasses outlet with this material?

Cheap Ray Ban sunglasses outlet

In a glass jar with cold water, a spring is drawn, and when the spring is placed in hot water, the spring automatically closes. The spring in the cold water restores its original shape, while in hot water it contracts, and the spring can stretch and contract for an infinite number of times, then shrink and pull back. These are a smart memory made of metal, the micro-structure of the two kinds of relatively stable state at high temperatures of this alloy can be turned into any shape you want, in the low temperature alloy can be stretched, but it re heating, it will remember its original the shape and change back. This material is called memory metal.

Compared with ordinary frames, memory metal frames fake Ray Bans have the biggest feature of memory shape. Therefore, this kind of frame can not be restored because of careless bending. It has the function of restoring shape itself, so no, but it can not be bent. At the same time, the memory of metal characteristics can be long time in the water. It will not appear rusty, so it is widely used in many industries. Such as glasses industry, photography industry and so on. Because the fake Ray Ban Sunglasses sale frame is relatively light, favored by many consumers.

cheap Ray Bans outlet

cheap Ray Bans outlet

The specific merits of the memory metal spectacle frame

Lightweight: memory metal materials are lighter than metal materials. So in the process of wearing, you can squeeze less on the nose and skin.

Excellent elasticity: the memory metal frame has super elasticity, so it will never deform. It can be obvious to pull the mirror legs on both sides into a line.

Stable performance: because the bend can automatically restore the original state. So the stability is relatively strong, but also has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, skin allergies and other advantages will not arise.

Wear comfortable: memory metal light, can break in the side of the face. So the memory metal frames Ray Ban outlet online to wear more relaxed and comfortable.

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cheap Ray Bans outlet


Ray Bans outlet frames are a perfect combination of elegance, fashion, and high technology. They offer products of exceptional quality, fashionable style and high comfort, and ensure a leading position in the field. Seiko frames in the more advanced nickel free plating and IP plating process production of high-quality products, providing a more solemn sense of decency, as well as better product quality.

The new knockoff Ray Bans, sold on our website,, continue the nickel free plating process and a number of classic designs, featuring a soft, double tone, enameled finish, all of which are imported from japan. Men’s use of high-precision spring hinge, wear without considering the width of the cheeks, in any case can wear freely. Female style, the use of the world’s popular carved design. So that the glasses are practical and beautiful, no matter what kind of occupation you are engaged in, you can highlight your noble temperament. Both the style and the quality of the product fully reflect the noble quality of cheap Ray Bans outlet.

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