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Are the color glasses sunglasses? If you think it this way, then you’re all wet. Technically speaking, the light color mirror introduced earlier is different from that of replica Ray Ban sunglasses. Light colored mirrors are more decorative. They can’t really resist ultraviolet radiation in strong sunlight, so spring and autumn are the best time to wear.

In the purchase of Ray Ban outlet, one should choose these reputable shops and glasses shop, like, because these places have strict control on product quality, so please bear in mind not to covet cheap and go to some regular shops or stall, because of the impact of glasses on people is hidden, often it is too late when the problem is found. The following aspects should be paid attention to in particular in the purchase:

Ray Ban outlet
Ray Ban outlet


The little tag can often be overlooked. As a matter of fact, in addition to tell the place of origin, there are also many useful hidden information, such as if the glasses you buy is sunglasses or light mirror, it belongs to plastic lenses or sheet……


Lens is the soul of the glasses, and its quality influences the quality of the glasses directly. One of the easiest ways to tell about the quality of a lens is to move the glasses back and forth in front of the eye to see if the object moves with the lens. If so, it shows that the lenses are not smooth, it has concave and convex, which can be categorized as unqualified lenses. Of course, this is for the flat mirror, myopia is an another cup of tea.

PC, polarizer, acrylic and CR39 are the four kinds of main materials for tainted glasses now. The lens material PC the biggest advantage is toughness, low coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction; due to the filtering out redundant polarized light, the object looks very clear through polarizer, because it can resist reflective surface, it is especially suitable for fishing wear, but such lenses are also not perfect in every respect, for many drivers, too clear results, impact the line of sight while driving instead. Therefore, in the choice of lens materials, we should also ask more.


In addition to leisure, entertainment, if it is to prevent ultraviolet ray, it’s best to buy cheap Ray Bans gray, Ray-Ban green and Ray-Ban blue gray which have the real shading effect, because of these relatively soft colors, the color remains the same while looking outside, especially fit for car owners, because of no impact on the traffic lights traffic signal resolution.

UV index

For sunglasses, the UV index, which filters out ultraviolet light, is a very important standard. At present, the UV index of most sunglasses is between 96% and 98%. Dark lenses are better than light lenses. In general, 100% of the UV index is unlikely.

knock off Ray Bans
knock off Ray Bans

Colorful colors for you to choose

The color of the knockoff Ray Ban sunglasses is really dazzling, but you know what? Different colors have different functions, so when you think about matching sunglasses with everyday clothes and occasions, don’t forget to know the actual function of glasses ahead. Of course, you can also choose some color knock off Ray Bans to spare, so you can wear different colors of sunglasses every day and feeling fresh every day!

The lens color with light gray or light smoke color is excellent, followed by green, amber, blue or yellow. Red is only suitable for industrial and technical personnel, dark color lenses, it is appropriate for sunbathing or in the snow. The United States Illinois Blind Prevention Association believes that the best choice of color fake Ray Ban sunglasses are grey and green, because these colors can effectively absorb the harmful radiation of the sun and lower the color sensitivity to the minimum. Wearing pink, yellow, orange, red and violet fake Ray Bans can easily lead to eyestrain and blurred vision in the sun.


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