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Ray-Ban has been the world’s best-selling sunglasses brand. Since the launch of the outlet Ray Bans online custom service, many glasses enthusiasts are willing to buy them online. If you pursue personal style, the pursuit of the details of each link, do not want to be like the same person, of course, with the original want to have a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, then cheap Ray Ban sunglasses become a logical choice. Today, let us look at the difference between the Ray-Ban custom Sunglasses with different.

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Cheap Ray Bans Aviator

Sub light gun color frame in the light of the sun is very low-key. This is the replica Ray-Ban Aviator customized version of the G-15 gray green lenses sunglasses, some people may feel that Aviator is not suitable for Asian faces, largely because of the purchase of the frame has not been targeted adjustments. In fact, whether it is sunglasses or ordinary glasses, you need to adjust according to the wearer’s face.

From the line to the actual Sunglasses customization product arrived, Ray Ban sunglasses outlet not only provides a smooth shopping experience, the real show favorably will make picky people satisfaction or say it is authentic Ray-Ban, not only reduces the trouble we go to the store, fully customizable so that we can not we want to worry about the store had no money.

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Replica Ray-Ban Aviator

Ray-Ban Aviator customized version of the G-15 gray green lens sunglasses side photos, under the influence of the sun, its beige legs than the effect of the figure to be lighter, but also more good-looking. Through the G-15 lens, the intense sunlight is blocked, the gray green lets the vision feel comfortable. Compared with the real landscape can be seen by the naked eye, it can be noted that the picture of the beige building is still a natural color.

Mirror legs using vacuum plating technology, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, color, fade, etc.. Every detail is your choice of perfect quality standards. No welding FAC laser cutting integrated frame, to create a solid and perfect shape. According to the Asian face design, ergonomic.

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Fake Ray Bans

Designed specifically for Asian faces for most people to wear the frame, bring you a comfortable fit experience. The folding frame of the frame is improved by the process of the frame. The radian is smooth, and the skin is not easy to be damaged when wearing sunglasses. And the safety is enhanced, and the delicate process is enhanced. Fake Ray Bans nose selected crystal clear soft nose, wearing comfortable and docile, so you can not feel fatigue.

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