Most Common Mistakes On Care Fake Ray Bans

Sand: for crystals is one of the most aggressive problems. Both the glass and the plastic are scratched and the lenses can not be polished. Most of them – those of high quality fake Ray Ban sunglasses – are tempered and resistant to all types of blows. It is best to go to the beach with the case or case to protect them and have a longer life.

high quality fake Ray Ban sunglasses

high quality fake Ray Ban sunglasses

Supporting fake Ray Bans in the sand is one of the most common mistakes. Carrying the case or case prolongs the quality of the lens.

Water: depending on where water is spilled, the level of damage is different. In the river that nothing happens to him. If they fall accidentally in a pool with chlorine, cheap Ray Bans outlet may break down but not at the level of having to change them for others. As they if they wet with seawater. When they come into contact with salt water, small particles remain that deteriorate the lens.

fake Ray Bans

fake Ray Bans

Clean with the edge of the shirt: although it is very common for everyone to do it. The ideal and advisable with water and neutral soap by helping with your fingers and not in circles as usually done. Once rinsed, let it dry alone; To dry, the best thing is a chamois, because the napkin or tissue leaves traces of dust.

Direct exposure to the sun can damage and falsify them.

High temperatures: leaving the lenses on towels, chairs and tables that to heat causes damage. A high temperature can melt and shrink the glasses according to the material of the cheap Ray Ban sunglasses. The temples reduce their size and the frame can deform.

cheap Ray Bans UK

cheap Ray Bans UK

The fingers: either in summer or in winter it is lethal to leave fingerprints impregnated on the crystals. They have grease, garbage, and dust. Not recommended to touch cheap Ray Bans after applying sunscreen.


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