Choose Cheap Ray Bans According To Face Shape

For many men, cheap Ray Bans sunglasses are an important single item on the street. How to choose Sunglasses according to the face is a very important question. Next, let the first class stars demonstrate the matching of cheap Ray Ban sunglasses.

Ray Ban sunglasses outlet

Ray Ban sunglasses outlet collocate with gray peaked cap. Hat and sunglasses are often paired with the emergence of a single product, the most common is the baseball cap. The peaked cap Justin Day first appeared in England, in addition to highlighting the British style, also can make people look sharp face, effective, better with larger effect is small glasses, head dress collocation.

Cheap Ray Bans
Cheap Ray Bans

The tight fitting dark neck Tee gave Justin a good figure. Tight fitting Tee is very selective. If you wear a big belly and put on tight clothes, you’ll feel a greasy feeling.

His jeans and old shoes and Tee, is a product of collocation with peaked cap logic, let a person look more youthful, simple and good effect. Justin’s jeans were long and wrinkled at the ankle. It was a very retro cut, reminiscent of pop stars at the end of the century, with a perfect body and face. The combination of wool, hat and sunglasses is also classic.

Cheap Ray Bans

Cheap Ray Bans

This small  turtle frame knockoff Ray Bans show a gentle temperament, use is more extensive, which belongs to the class of all-match. In addition to casual wear, lining suit can also be matched with a hat, the effect is more handsome.

The member Nick Jonas left the hotel in New York. The job suit wears a cat’s Eye Sunglasses, a bit of a Hollywood blockbuster, a dark body, two buttons, and a slim suit. For the office workers, there is a cool fashion, or quite a sense of fashion.

The same is the Tortoise Sunglasses, but Zach and Jamie brought out a completely different style. Striped scarf with black motorcycle leather jeans, brown suede boots, a clever interactive do every single product, in the mutual background, manly.

Cheap Ray Bans

Fake Ray Bans

Replica Ray Ban sunglasses have many shapes, such as this square with a circle, the most suitable for long face friends. No fashion for men without sunglasses. Sunglasses really make people tough, but a variety of different shapes to understand the lining type, otherwise it will backfire, a few points to sum up:

A small round mirror is not suitable for you with a round face. Square fake Ray Bans are not suitable for people with sharp faces, which can cause facial features. Because Westerners are long and narrow in value, the Oriental is round and wide, so they can not imitate them simply. Oriental sunglasses as much as possible, simple, because the skeleton is small, not tall, should not wear hats and scarves.

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