Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses, Best Adapt to Your Face

Holidays, summer, beach, swimsuit … and cheap Ray Ban sunglasses! At last August has arrived and with it the long days with the sun doing its thing: you have to protect the skin but also the eyes. Before buying outlet Ray Ban, it is important that you know some interesting information that you are sure you did not know, as well as which are the models that best adapt to your face according to the morphology.

cheap Ray Ban sunglasses
cheap Ray Ban sunglasses

Make sure that your high quality fake Ray Ban sunglasses can protect you from UVA and UVB rays, checking that one of the rods shows the “CE” approval, which indicates that they are made according to the European Community standards and, therefore, guarantee a safe use .
Choose the color of the lens well. Although the subject of the choice of color is something subjective that depends on the sensitivity of each eye, it is related to the activity you perform that you can notice differences depending on the tone. “For example, the brown and green colors are perfect for the city and the gray or blue colors suitable for daytime driving,” the experts at Rínivi remind us.

replica Ray Bans UK
replica Ray Bans UK

Check the protection of your fake Ray Bans UK. The numbering (0-4) reports the category of the lens. This classification is based on the amount of visible light that the replica Ray Bans UK lenses have. Categories 0.1 and 2 offer lower protections, and are ideal for the city or for cloudy environments. The lenses with categories 3 and 4 are indicated for sunny environments, for driving, sea and high mountain, since they only let pass between 3 and 8% of the light. This information should also appear on one of the rods of the glasses.
Crystals with anti reflective. This type of crystal is always recommended, as the reflections reduce transparency and decrease visual quality. Solar lenses usually wear it on the inner side and thus get less dirty while maintaining the same properties.
Polarized crystals. It is important to note that polarized lenses block the light that reaches us horizontally, for example, reflected by the sea. This type of crystals are the most recommended for high seas or high mountains, since the reflection of snow and sea is almost 100%.
Mirrored crystals. They are very good option if the light bothers you a lot, since they reflect the excess of luminosity thus allowing a relaxed vision.
Dark glasses, clear, polarized, with anti reflective crystals … there are an infinity of models of sunglasses on the market, but only ones that will seem made for you.

fake Ray Bans
fake Ray Bans

Cheap Ray Bans for round faces
If your face is round, the objective will be to narrow it and lengthen it. To do this, you have to bet on horizontal, narrow or rectangular shapes fake Ray Bans. You can choose ones with a transparent bridge to space the eyes or frames whose design is oriented upwards (frames of style ‘eyecat’) Avoid small glasses and short mounts because they accentuate the length of the face.
Glasses for oval faces
The objective with this type of face is to maintain proportionality. This face is considered the ideal and people with him will feel good any type of mount. Bet, especially for the geometric shapes, such as the round ones that are so fashionable this season, especially white.
Knockoff Ray Bans for rectangular faces
The objective is none other than to soften and shorten the face; For this purpose, he uses high frames, with an accentuated upper part or with decorated temples, since they diminish the sensation of length of the face. Flee the small designs that do not keep the proportion.

fake Ray Ban sunglasses
fake Ray Ban sunglasses

Fake Ray Ban sunglasses for triangular faces
The objective is to minimize the width of the chin and emphasize the position of the eye in the upper part of the face. You have to bet on half or full mounts that accentuate the upper half of the face, counteracting the width of the jaw and also with decorative motifs at the top. Avoid narrow frames that are not provided.

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